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‘Bad karma’ – Davis Love III compares Dustin Johnson to Lance Armstrong over LIV Golf move

Davis Love III has compared Dustin Johnson to Lance Armstrong, but had no objection to him going to LIV Golf for money.

Johnson was one of the high-profile players to jump ship from the PGA Tour to the Greg Norman-fronted LIV Golf, with it reported the two-time major winner made the move for a contract north of $100 million.

While there have been many reasons given by a range of players, Johnson openly said he was attracted by the money and playing fewer tournaments.


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The honesty sat well with Love III, although he compared Johnson to disgraced cyclist Armstrong – who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after admitting to doping – for going from the top of the mountain to a pariah to many in the game.

“Dustin Johnson left Whistling Straits (2021 Ryder Cup, which the USA won) as an American golfing hero,” Love III told the Fire Drill podcast. “5-0, team leader. Dustin Johnson has never been on a bigger high.

“Now he is Lance Armstrong. Hands off, stay away, this guy has got bad karma.

“Dustin did it for a different reason. Dustin got a number where he said I can ride off into the sunset.

“I had a wonderful conversation with Dustin about this before London (first LIV event). I have no problem with Dustin.

“Dustin Johnson found a number that he is willing to not be a Ryder Cup captain, or maybe not get invited back to the Masters.”

Johnson has been joined at LIV by the likes of Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and Sergio Garcia, and Love III is unhappy with their stance – although he feels they are being fed information he does not feel is true.

“The rest of these guys are lying, mistruths deflecting, conniving,” Love III said. “That is what’s so sad as they are getting told things from somewhere, from LIV Golf, things that are just not true.

“I can watch them stand up in press conferences and flat-lie. Greg Norman does it almost every time he comes on TV. He said the other day we (LIV) are a closed shop. Well, I know three or four players they are actively recruiting right now. You are not a closed shop.

“It is so sad where we have got to this stage where we are fighting among ourselves.”

Love III is unsure of the outcome of the lawsuit and worried for the future of golf, and conceded he underestimated the amount of money LIV has elected to throw at disrupting golf.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Love III said. “I am worried about what’s going to happen.

“A year ago I’d have said, ‘don’t worry about this, it’s not going to happen’. Six months ago I said you are panicking. Unfortunately I was wrong.

“I did not realize the depth of the money that would be thrown at something that is not going to make any money.

“I am worried about what is going to happen next. I am worried but I am confident as a lot of great people like Jay (Monahan), Tiger (Woods) and Rory (McIlroy) are pouring a lot of time into this.

“It is unfortunate we are in a legal battle when we should be talking about who is moving up the FedEx list or who is going to make the Presidents Cup team.”

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