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Andrew Nicholson claps back at Draymond Green criticism

During a recent appearance on the ‘Podcast P with Paul George’ podcast, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green used Andrew Nicholson as an example of players who were drafted before him and failed to stick in the NBA. In 2012, the Orlando Magic selected Andrew Nicholson with the 19th pick in the NBA draft.

As such, Nicholson has now responded to Green’s criticism when speaking on a recent podcast episode with Tidal League. During the episode, Nicholson questions why Green feels the need to focus on others rather than what he’s doing, noting how he sees Green’s comments as a sign of insecurity.

“It’s kind of unfortunate, and I see it as an insecurity on his part [Green’s] end,” Nicholson said. “Because A, I didn’t know he was thinking about me for the last 11 years…B, I didn’t really realize that ST. Bonaventure was a really hard name to pronounce…I like seeing guys do well… When someone has kind of that insecurity and doesn’t want to see someone else do well or is questioning 11 years later why this guy was [drafted] before me, it’s kind of disappointing.”

For context, here is what Green originally said about Nicholson during his podcast appearance.

“Not to throw salt at anybody,” Green said. “But Andrew Nicholson was drafted over me at like 19. When it comes to winning, half the battle is looking like a basketball player. When you’re on a team, and you look at the other side of the floor, and if you see guys that don’t look like basketball players, you automatically lose respect…This guy doesn’t even really look like a basketball player…that was one that really, really, p***** me off.”

Green has been receiving some negative press on social media over the last week, as his outspoken antics have continued to rub people the wrong way – including Anthony Poole, Jordan Poole’s father. Hopefully, Green is no longer a talking point among fans by the time training camp gets underway.

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Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire