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Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez Effectively Used His Brutal MLB Suspension to Start Building His $350 Million Empire

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Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez achieved infinite success on the baseball diamond. He then turned into an elite-class entrepreneur, post-retirement. But it wasn’t a smooth ride to the top by any means. Moreover, ‘A-Rod’ had to tackle the lack of formal business education during his quest.

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez is an iconic baseball legend who is symbolic of the New York Yankees jersey. He had a glorious career since his debut with the Seattle Mariners and later playing with the Texas Rangers. But joining the Yankees, skyrocketed his meteoric rise to stardom. ‘A-Rod’ won his only World Series trophy as a Yankee and is also a 14-time All-Star player.


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Despite his immeasurable playing talent, ‘A-Rod’ happens to be a controversial player. His legacy fell into disrepute, after he got busted for taking steroids. He got penalized with a strict suspension. But ‘A-Rod’ made the best use of his absence from the field.

Alex Rodriguez: A fruitful way of time management

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez earned a royal sum of wealth playing for the Yankees. He utilized the grand fortune to build an empire post-retirement. But before that, ‘A-Rod’ made the best use of time. He sat out of baseball action, banned for the entire 2014 season, but he didn’t sit idle.

‘A-Rod’ focused on growing his entrepreneurial skills to a professional level of perfection. He was constantly on the lookout for the best guidance to build a business that can replace his sporting income. So he took investment classes at Columbia and marketing classes at the University of Miami during the suspension period. After bidding farewell to his playing days, he built up his investment brand, ‘A-Rod’ Corp.

Talking to a source‘A-Rod’ once said, “I don’t have your traditional formal education. Mine comes through reading and passion and grit and collecting a lot of information from my mentors. I’ve never been afraid to say, I don’t know. Can you explain that to me?”


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Mary Callahan Erdoes, the CEO of JP Morgan Asset and Wealth Management, was like a mentor to ‘A-Rod’. Speaking about ‘A-Rod’, Callahan said, “You might be expecting something different. But from the first day, he had his notebook out. He’s incredibly curious and serious. There’s no nonsense and no pomp and circumstance.”

The present state of the ‘A-Rod Corp’

Now ‘A-Rod Corp’ is a $350 million worth investment firm that deals with a broad array of industries. The sectors include sports and wellness, media, real estate, and entertainment. Apart from that, Rodriguez also works as a broadcaster and analyst.


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