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7 Windows settings we recommend

Windows is packed full of settings you might not be aware of, surprising hidden features that make it easier to do basic things like log into your PC or find the right emoji. While none of these settings are essential to using your PC, they can all make it a much friendlier experience for the minute or two it takes to change them.

By default, Windows has several of these settings disabled, and it doesn’t do a lot to encourage you to tweak them. I’ve picked out seven useful Windows settings to change and a handful of bonus features that you might not have even realized existed.

Speed ​​up how you sign-in to your PC

(Image credit: Future)

Despite what Windows suggests when you initially set up a PC or laptop, you don’t have to use a password to log in. Windows offers a few options that make the login process much easier at the cost of some security. If that’s not a worry, then you can skip the part where you have to put your Outlook or Microsoft password every time you want to get back to your desktop.