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5 Young NFL Stars Who Will Eventually Crack the Top 20 in Career PPR Points

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Earlier this week, our own Mike Calendrillo created a bar-chart race detailing the top-20 NFL players in career PPR fantasy points from 1966 to today. Unsurprisingly, 76-year-old — no, sorry — 45-year-old Tom Brady tops the all-time list with 5,674.7 career fantasy points, while Drew Brees (5,193 points) and Jerry Rice (5,129.8 points) are the only other players in NFL history with more than 5,000.

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The career PPR points progression throughout the NFL’s Super Bowl era is a great way to remember stars of the past and present.

A few young stars in today’s NFL are quickly climbing up the all-time list, but which five have the best chance of eventually cracking the top 20?