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10 Shea Langeliers facts you probably didn’t know about Athletics catcher

10 Langeliers facts you likely didn’t know about A’s catcher originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

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Shea Langeliers is just nine months into his MLB career, but he already has the look and vibe of a seasoned veteran.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the A’s catcher, who joined the franchise last year in the Matt Olson trade with the Atlanta Braves.

Langeliers was originally selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 34th round of the 2016 MLB Draft, but he opted to play college at Baylor. He then was drafted No. 9 overall in 2019 by the Braves.

“Being 18 and they’re offering to pay you to play baseball as a full-time job, that’s definitely tempting. I think I made the right choice, I wanted to be close to home, close to my parents at the time. It wound up working out.”

But what if baseball never worked out, was there a “Plan B”?

“If I wasn’t playing baseball, take sports out of it, I would have worked really hard to get a job at NASA. Big interest in astronomy, and stuff like that.”

Sports are the Langeliers’ family trade, Shea’s sister is a softball standout for University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“My sister is actually the athlete of the family. I have one younger sister, Alexa. She did everything growing up, really good at everything.”

Could Shea hit the same softball pitches his sister has to?

“No. Could not. Last year before spring training, I stopped by Louisiana, I got to go into the cages and see the machines they do. So I saw the rise ball and the drop ball, and its ridiculous. It’s crazy, sometimes she’ll come to me for like swing advice, but I’ve never seen the things that you’ve seen.”

How did Shea get into catching as opposed to any other position?

“I was 12 years old when I started catching, my dad told me if you’re a good catcher and you can hit, it’s a good way to get into professional baseball. Started there. It’s the only position on the field that can see all the other positions. You’re involved with every play, calling the pitches. I kind of think about it like the quarterback of baseball. You definitely have to want to do it. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do it.”

What happens when a pitcher shakes off a sign from Shea?

“It depends on the situation. I’m putting down the sign that I’m convicted in. But if the pitcher is convicted in something else, then I want him to throw that pitch.”

What makes for a good MLB catcher in 2023?

“To be a good catcher, I feel like it starts with game calling and having good relationships. It seems like the catchers who are 15 years in professional baseball, those are the guys that people love to be around, they get to know everyone, and they make everyone around them better.

Does Shea know he was in the 85th percentile of “Sprint Speed” among ALL MLB players last year?

“Yeah, I never want to brag and say I’m actually fast, but yeah. Baserunning is really important, I’ve always taken pride in that. Ball in the gap, if I’m on first base, if I can score from there, get my teammate an RBI, get my team a run, its always a plus.”

What was it like getting married this past offseason?

“There were some stressful times, but all worth it in the end. It was great, everyone was there. Family, friends, it was an awesome celebration. When I proposed I felt like I blacked out. I had all these words planned out, what I was gonna say. Everybody was hiding at her grandmother’s house. They were all watching through the windows — I had it all planned out, and I don’t remember saying any of it.”

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Langeliers won a 2021 World Series while on Atlanta’s taxi squad.

“Obviously I was just around, got to be in the clubhouse, take BP, catch sides for the starters, was in the bullpen for the games. It’s a different time of year, not the regular season, this is October baseball. Just to be around those guys and the ups and downs they went through in the postseason, it was just really cool. Playing October baseball to watch their routines, watch what they do, to take all that in and get a little perspective on what it takes to finish the job.”