Warcraft Arclight Rumble squeezes Blizzard’s classic RTS into a mobile format

Blizzard has announced Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a mobile game it’s calling a ‘tower offense’ strategy game. The game, which has you collect characters from the Warcraft franchise and battle them across many levels, will be Blizzard’s third mobile game, and will be available in beta soon. Unlike Diablo Immortal, the developer told me it has “no plans” to bring Arclight Rumble to PC.

Arclight Rumble distills the Warcraft real-time strategy format into something controllable with just a finger. Battles take place on a vertical map where you, governed by the gold you collect over the course of the level, send units into lanes to clash with enemies automatically. There’s no micromanagement here. It’s all about plopping your heroes down, letting them waddle down the lanes, and trying to abide by the rock-paper-scissors rubric for flying, ground, and ranged characters.

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