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Top 10 mobile games industry job vacancies this week | Pocket

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Job title: Creative Director – Racing
Location: London UK
Job description: Our new Creative Director will carry the vision and lead a passionate team of
developers to excellence and a new benchmark for what that looks like in Racing on Mobile.

We are passionate about car culture, we are passionate about cars, and with your help, the team will surface and curate that passion in every corner and crevice of the game.

You are a passionate gamer, and intimately understand the differences between games on various platforms and can pull from that experience seamlessly.

You will report to the Project GM.



• The Creative Vision is what binds everything together for the Player, and ensures a consistent, meaningful, and immersive experience. It’s the juice that makes the squeeze worth it. And in collaboration with the other crafts, you will be holding this vision high for everyone to see clearly, and ensure it makes it across the finish line.
• With our target audience and existing data in mind, and together with Product Management, Marketing, Production, and Consumer Insight, you are part of ensuring a game positioning that will maximize its impact.
• But the game is not done once it ships! You will be deeply involved in supporting the game at all stages of its life cycle.
• You understand that excellence comes through iteration and repetition, so being a key part of driving that culture, in the teams and through playtesting, is a crucial part of your job.
• You enjoy presenting and know how to communicate the game to executive stakeholders, to external partners, and, of course, to the team.


• Although you partner with the game’s Design Director who is responsible for the inner workings of the game, you will help guide those features and systems to ensure they stay within the confounds of the Creative Vision, and delivers excellently against the needs of other disciplines.
• You will be the fan-bearer of quality, to make sure that features and systems get implemented to the highest standard, within the confines of the Creative – and Product Vision.
• Continuously review and provide feedback, formally and informally, to both features and content owners, and provide both low – and high-level guidance as needed.
• Pull from your vast experience with video games overall and use your communication skills to contextualize complicated problems in a simple to digest manner.

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