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This Black Friday SSD sale is too cheap to ignore

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SanDisk has been one of the go-to brands for flash memory for as long as digital cameras have used memory cards. Western Digital, which now owns SanDisk, has been one of the biggest names in storage for decades. So it’s safe to say an SSD from SanDisk is a safe buy, which is why I’m confidently recommending the SanDisk SSD Plus as a ludicrously cheap way to add a full terabyte of solid state storage to your PC.

Let me put this deal in context: the SanDisk SSD Plus isn’t going to set any speed records. It’s a SATA SSD, rated for 535 MB/s reads and 350MB/s writes, which means its read speed is basically hitting the cap of what SATA can offer. For a boot drive, you should now be looking for an NVMe SSD, which can offer much higher speeds. We have a load of recommendations on those in our Black Friday SSD deals (opens in new tab) guide