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“They Give Him Every F*cking Call”: NBA Refs Under the Cosh after Harsh Blames over Stephen Curry Get Backed by the Fans

NBA officials, of late, have faced a lot of heat for their calls. Especially after the Thursday night game between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry and Co. lost a close game despite a tough fight on the hardwood. However, the NBA world blamed the officiating for the Warriors’ loss. Moreover, a Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard further accused the referees regarding their calls on Steph Curry. Conversely, the NBA Twitter sided with the officials reacting to the accusation.

The Timberwolves star Austin Rivers recently revealed his views on the match referees’ officiating the Dubs star on his podcast. Rivers has played for seven franchises in the 11 seasons of his NBA career. He averaged 8.6 points, 2.2 assists, and 2.1 rebounds in 691 games.

Fans back refs on their strong blame in calling Stephen Curry


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In a recent podcast episode of ‘Off Guard with Austin Rivers‘, Rivers made a strong accusation about the officials. He said,Steph… it’s not even close… you can’t touch him, they give him every f—— call, they set illegal screens for him the entire game… they don’t call it cause they want to see him shoot.” Legion Hoops, a Twitter account tweeted Rivers’ quote which caught the fans’ attention. The fans swarmed the comments backing the match officials with varied opinions.

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Reacting to the tweet, one user said, “This is a bald face lie! He never gets calls, barely gets to the line,A majority of the users felt that Austin Rivers’ words were unrealistic and false. Several sections of the fans took a dig at the Timberwolves star in the comments. Here are some reactions from NBA Twitter.


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After a disappointing loss against the Brooklyn Nets, the Dubs are currently in the 10th seed of the Western Conference points table with a (23-24) record.

Officiating issues in the Celtics vs Warriors game

During the exciting Thursday night game, the Celtics emerged victorious against the Warriors 121-118. Following the game, the NBA world raised a lot of questions regarding several calls made by the officials during the game. According to the NBA’s last two-minute report, a bewildering number of five incorrect calls were made against the Dubs. Several sections of the fans felt that the incorrect calls cost the game to the Warriors.


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What do you make of Austin Rivers’ opinion on the officiating? Let us know in the comments.

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