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Tech & Science Daily podcast: 1,000-mile EV battery dream | Plug It In

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his special series looks at the future of electric vehicles as part of the Standard’s Plug It In Summit in London, where representatives from the tech and motoring sectors will discuss how EVs could help cut pollution to meet carbon emissions targets.

With more drivers seeking to go electric but worried about cost and battery life, what happens to power performance when temperatures drop?

The race is also on to find more eco-friendly alternatives to dwindling minerals needed for building super-fuel cells of the future.

Tech & Science Daily meets Dr. Billy Wu, senior lecturer at Imperial College London, and an expert in electro-chemical energy technologies.

His research focuses on “energy density”, how to make car batteries last longer and go further.

We discuss whether more range really is better, improving battery life and concerns about running out of critical resources such as lithium, cobalt and nickel.

So, with one EV model right now promising 500 miles of range starting at £140,000 – is it possible to double that distance, and at what financial and environmental cost?

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