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SK Hynix announces LPDDR5T mobile memory with 9.6 Gbps transfer speeds

The first devices integrating LPDDR5T should be available in 2H23.  (Image Source: SK Hynix)
The first devices integrating LPDDR5T should be available in 2H23. (Image Source: SK Hynix)

By the second half of 2023, LPDDR5T will be the fastest mobile memory standard with transfer speeds of 9.6 Gbps per chip and 77 GB/s per 16 GB package. SK Hynix will mass produce this type of memory on its latest 10 nm nodes featuring High-K Metal Gate technology.

The fastest currently available LPDDR5X memory with 8.5 Gbps transfer speeds was introduced in late 2022, but now, after just a few months, SK Hynix is ​​pushing the envelope further with an even faster iteration called LPDDR5T. In order to better emphasize the transfer speeds that can go up to 9.6 Gbps (13% faster than LPDDR5X), SK Hynix replaces the X suffix with T for Turbo.

Since it is designed for handhelds and ultrabooks, the LPDDR5T chips operate at ultra-low voltages ranging between 1.01 – 1.12 V. A standard 16 GB multi-chip package is rated for 77 GB/s transfer speeds. The new type of memory is expected to see mass production on SK Hynix’s fourth gen 10 nm nodes some time in the second half of 2023. Thanks to the integration of High-K Metal Gate film in the DRAM transistors, SK Hynix can provide the lowest power consumption, yet still improve transfer speeds.

With the considerable jump in transfer speeds, the LPDDR5T memory could prove beneficial not only to 5G handhelds and ultraslim laptops, but to AI and machine learning applications, as well as VR/AR. This would be the final iteration for the LPDDR5 standard from SK Hynix, as the South Korean company plans to focus on LPDDR6 next.

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(Image Source: SK Hynix)
(Image Source: SK Hynix)

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