The collaboration includes opportunities for the deployment of Levidian’s pioneering LOOP technology across Santander UK’s own office footprint as well as the possibility to support UK businesses with their transition to a low carbon economy.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK and founded in 2012, Levidian has developed LOOP – a rapid decarbonisation device which strips carbon from methane to create a green fuel in clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene – a new material which can be used across a wide spectrum of applications, such as the increasing durability of concrete, tires and batteries through the production of anti-corrosion paint.

John Hartley, Chief Executive Officer at Levidian said: “This is an exciting opportunity to use the Levidian LOOP to deliver meaningful decarbonisation both within Santander UK and through its sponsorships and partnerships. Santander has set ambitious goals and we look forward to collaborating with a partner committed to decarbonisation.”

Fermin Martinez de Hurtado, Head of Sustainability & Responsible Banking at Santander UK said: “The transition to net zero requires strong collaboration between different stakeholders. We recognize the key role that Santander and companies like Levidian will play as part of this journey, scaling up solutions that cut down emissions and help tackle climate change. We are thrilled to be working with them, unlocking innovation to reduce and minimize the impact on our planet.”

Santander UK’s sustainability strategy is focused on key initiatives where the greatest impact can be achieved, with ambitious targets set at both UK and Group levels. Fighting climate change and supporting the green economy drives the environmental element of the bank’s strategy, including managing climate risks and supporting customers to transition to a low carbon economy while reducing emissions in their own operations.

The bank has also been carbon neutral in its own operations since 2020 and is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions in all its lending, advisory and investment activities by 2050. Furthermore, its car financing operations in Europe (Santander Consumer Finance), the USA (Santander Consumer USA) and other markets are supporting the development of sustainable mobility solutions.