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Saints and Broncos worked hard to agree on compensation for me

Sean Payton finally became the head coach of the Broncos on Friday evening, and he said after taking the job that working out the compensation his new team would send his old team was a lengthy process.

The Broncos sent the 2023 first-round pick (No. 29 overall) that they had previously acquired from the Bradley Chubb trade to the Saints, along with a 2024 second-round pick, in exchange for the Saints’ 2024 third-round pick and the rights to Payton, who resigned a year ago while still under contract to the Saints. Payton said the two teams’ general managers worked hard on hammering out the deal.

“There was a complexity to my hiring, obviously, that involved compensation to the Saints,” Payton said on the Broncos’ YouTube channel. “So that made that a little bit longer and I’m really thankful for George Paton and Mickey Loomis. Those guys were on the phone for days working out compensation that allowed this to happen. That made it uniquely different.”

Payton said he’s glad to have that done, and that he’s eager to get to work.

“Our plan is to win,” Payton said. “And that process starts today.”

Sean Payton: Saints and Broncos worked hard to agree on compensation for me originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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