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Ryan Poles says there’s ‘urgency’ and ‘pressure’ in the QB market

Poles: There’s ‘urgency’ and ‘pressure’ in the QB market originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The paradigm of the NFL’s outlook on quarterbacks is shifting.

One “top official” from a quarterback-hungry team told NBC Sports’ Peter King “We’re tired of Band-Aids” when discussing its quarterback situation.

After watching a season where plug-and-play quarterbacks failed, such as Matt Ryan with the Colts, Russell Wilson with the Broncos and Baker Mayfield with the Panthers, all eyes are fixed on the NFL draft.

And the Chicago Bears have the golden ticket out of the veteran quarterback inferno.

That’s why Ryan Poles explained to King that he feels the weight of other teams’ interest in the upcoming draft’s top quarterback prospects.

“I can feel it. There’s urgency out there. There’s pressure,” Poles told King.

Luckily, according to Poles, he’s “blessed to be able to read people.” He has the confidence he’ll be able to turn the Bears’ No. 1 pick into an abundance of assets. It seems likely he’s upbeat about maintaining a position where he can draft a top prospect, too.

He also explained to King that he received calls from three teams. One of the teams, Poles explained, is “further down” the draft order than he thought. Yet, he ascertained a deal with a suitor at the back of the line will require “more capital” to make a deal happen.

Poles is doing his due diligence with potential smoke screens, including his sayings above, to drive interest in the draft’s top prospects. Even then, there is already a significant interest and high demand for the top quarterbacks. Hence, the top pick.

CJ Stroud impressed with his arm at the combine. Anthony Richardson flashed a rare size and athleticism for his position, too. Bryce Young and Will Levis also showed off their talents at the combine.

Poles believes he can get first-round picks in the 2024 and 2025 drafts from a particular trade-down scenario, according to King’s report.

He just needs to execute upon the “urgency” and “pressure” culminating from the rest of the NFL.

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