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NHL futures best bets: Targeting Boston, Calgary, Minnesota, Toronto and more

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Our season previews have kicked off and that means we’ve got you covered with each team’s projected point total, their chances of making the playoffs, and their chances of winning it all.

For some of the teams, anyway. They’re not being unveiled all at once — two new previews get released daily — but the rest are on their way. For those who fancy a wager though, that’s not soon enough. We’re here to help with that.

While we won’t be unveiling each team’s specific projections and probabilities, we will be discussing which teams make a good bet based on their current lines from oddsmakers.

It’s always important to bet responsibly and only wager what you’re comfortable with — and that’s especially true with futures, where your money will be tied up for the whole season. The key to betting is managing a bankroll: betting small percentages based on edges and not dipping into money that isn’t designated for betting. With futures, what I usually do is designate a percentage of my bankroll for futures only to create a “futures bankroll.” Maybe that’s 10 percent, maybe that’s 25 percent — the idea is not to tie up too much money. Especially if you’re going to be betting on games throughout the season.

The best bets for this year are separated into three sections: point totals, playoffs, and futures (division, conference, Cup props). I’ve added a stake size based on using up an entire bank roll – so it adds up to 100. Remember: only use a fraction of your bank roll for futures.


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