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NBA personality, amid Bryce James to NBA noise, uses Charles Barkley’s spitting incident in favor of new CBA

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The NBA recently agreed on bringing down the eligibility age for players to 18 years, meaning that Bryce James could be in the 2025 Draft.

The NBA recently made headlines after sources revealed that the league along with the NBPA agreed to bring down the age eligibility for the NBA Draft to 18 years from the previously stated 19.

With this new change allowing the return of the high school players jumping straight to the league, there has been a lot of chatter about Bryce James and his inclusion in the NBA a year earlier than previously projected.

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LeBron’s younger son is currently 15 years old. According to the new rule change, Bryce Maximus will be allowed to enter the 2025 NBA Draft.

Several personalities have given their two cents on the new CBA implementations. Chris Broussard gave a pretty interesting take.

Chris Broussard gives examples as to why college education is not necessary for the NBA

According to Broussard, a college education is irrelevant for NBA players. Comparing NBA stars who made it pro directly from high school to the likes of Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson, the 53-year-old analyst said:

“That was the thing they always said. ‘Well, they need the socialization of college.’ LeBron James has been a model player. Tracy McGrady was fine, Jermaine O’Neal was fine, Kevin Garnett was fine. I mean these are some of the best citizens the league has seen.

And Charles Barkley, who I’m not saying he’s a bad citizen, but he did throw somebody through a window. He spit on the fan. He went to college. Allen Iverson didn’t want to practice, he went to college. You know what I’m saying? Some guys who have gone to college have made big mistakes and guys who came out of high school didn’t. So, that’s not it.”

It’ll be exciting to see how the high schoolers of this era will match the intensity and competitiveness of the NBA.

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