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NBA Analyst Vehemently Defends Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets has had a pretty interesting summer and is entering the NBA in a position he’s not used to: underdog.

After a really disappointing 2021-22 season and a terribly short postseason showing, Durant only made matters worse when he demanded a trade from his team.

That trade never came and Durant eventually made peace with Brooklyn, but the entire episode tarnished his standing with many.

Now, just weeks before the new season, ESPN predicted he’ll be the seventh-best player in the league.

Before last season, Durant held the top spot on this list.

Seventh is still very respectable but a drop of six places is a bit startling.

But NBA analyst and former player Jalen Rose has Durant’s back and stood up for the former MVP on ESPN.

“I love [number six pick] Jayson Tatum,” Rose said.

“He ain’t better than Kevin Durant,” he added.

Rose isn’t the only one with this opinion, but it cannot be denied that Durant’s career is in a bit of a tricky spot right now.

The Doubts About Durant

With the bad season and the rough offseason that followed, Durant is now looked at as someone who might not be as competitive and challenging as he once was.

He knows that he has a lot of doubters and, frankly, a lot of haters too.

There are many people who do not like how he handled his trade demands and they would love nothing more than to see him fail.

During his last season was bad, no one should count Durant out because he’s still one of the best NBA players alive.

He has a chance to prove that again in the new season.

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