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MOST launches new mobile retailing platform

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MOST launches new mobile retailing platform

MOST launches new mobile retailing platform

MOST, a new provider of intuitive and customized retail and payment solutions, is looking to shake up the mobility sector. The company launched a suite of payment solutions that support retail platforms, helping businesses capture more revenue in an increasingly cashless economy, including airline cabins.

We are working with advanced technology, software and payment gateway solutions at the intersection of fintech and travel retail. We’ve built an incredibly creative team and developed solutions that will adapt effortlessly to the shifting needs of mobile retailers and consumers now and in the future. – Jan Blanchard, MOST CEO

MOST CEO Jan Blanchard and CTO John Vaughan launched the venture with significant experience in the aviation retail and payment technology integration space. In previous roles, Blanchard helped pioneer the cashless cabin payment solution for airlines in 2013 and was part of the team behind the first mobile phone-based payment devices for aircraft cabin crew. He was also part of the team that created the first recommendation engine for the travel industry.

“We’ve formed MOST to help the travel sector move away from legacy payment and retail platforms towards more innovative methods that thrive in fluid and low-connectivity environments, such as aircraft cabins,” Blanchard explains.

MOST’s modular product offering allows partners to augment or refresh an existing mobile retail program piece by piece. For those ready to fully embrace the future of mobile retail, MOST’s four modules combine to deliver a robust end-to-end solution:

most.Pay: a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept online and offline payments in complex environments such as aircraft cabins or locations with low connectivity.

most.Onthego: an end-to-end platform and service that includes sourcing, supply and management of customized and company-branded mobile payment hardware, such as tablets, smartphones, and payment devices, as well as cases and other accessories.

most.Retail: a point-of-sale mobile retail app with back-end capabilities designed to serve customers in fast-moving mobile retail environments.

most.Choice: An open API, artificial intelligence-based recommendation engine that can suggest experiences, food to purchase, or services based on a customer’s location and the context of their journey.

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