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Minecraft armor customization being tested on PC

Minecraft developer Mojang has introduced a major new armor customization feature for the game’s latest PC test build.

The catchily-named snapshot 23w04a includes the ambitious Armor Trim Smithing feature, which lets you visually customize the game’s blocky armor.

To do this, you’ll need to find a consumable Smithing Template for the customization type you want, plus a smattering of resources to determine the color you want.

Meanwhile, the strategy spin-off Minecraft Legends is due to be shown at Xbox Developer_Direct tonight.

The hunt for these Smithing Templates is designed to encourage further exploration of the game’s world and dungeons, and the game’s Netherite armor will now also require a Template to craft.

Templates for different armor styles can be found within chests at various procedurally-generated locations, such as pillager outposts, desert pyramids, jungle temples, Nether fortresses and more. Netherite templates will be found in Bastion Remnant chests, with their rarity designed by Mojang as a conscious change to make their acquisition a “more significant achievement in the game’s development”.

These armor styles can then be customized with color styles using various ingredients, such as metals or diamonds.

As with all new Minecraft features, armor customization currently only lives in the game’s latest PC snapshot branch, until it is packaged up and included in a forthcoming update that will eventually roll out to all Bedrock platforms.

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