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Miles Morales Gets PC Teaser Ahead Of Fall Launch

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is still on track to launch this Fall for PC and, in anticipation, PlayStation has revealed a brand-new teaser trailer.

If you haven’t played Miles Morales before but are eagerly awaiting his arrival, it’s a standalone story that takes place between Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, instead following Miles rather than Peter Parker. You see him go from a plucky new hero to a webslinger on par with Peter, donning his iconic black-and-red costume.

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But he’s not just any old Spider-Man. He has the web-shooters, the sticky hands that let him crawl walls, the heightened senses, and the incredible strength, but he can also go invisible and shoot electricity. You’ll find villains like Prowler and the Tinkerer to test all these powers out on in a snowy New York City this Fall.


While Miles Morales’ launch on PC is no doubt exciting, there’s another reason to look forward to its arrival – mods. Spider-Man has been out for just over a month now and already the internet is aflush with everything from cool Symbiote suits to cursed creations like Uncle Ben’s tombstone if you really want to disrespect him.

It’s inevitable that Miles will get his own catalog of modded suits, but maybe we’ll even get some cursed Tinkerer reskins, or a chance to swing around NYC as Ganke. After all, modders were quick to swap Peter Parker for Mary Jane Watson, Stan Lee, and the Kingpin.

If you’re worried about playing catch up before Miles Morales, don’t panic – you don’t have to play Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers, and you won’t have to play Midnight Suns, the recently confirmed Iron Man, or the Black Panther and Captain America game. Marvel has confirmed that it’s games won’t have a shared universe, meaning that they’ll all be separate standalone stories. The only exception to that is Insomniac’s games because they’re part of the same series – Spider-Man leads into Miles Morales which leads into 2. However, it remains to be seen if Wolverine will tie into Insomniac’s Spider-Man games.

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