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iPhone 14 Pro cameras aren’t looking good — despite the rumored upgrade

With the iPhone 14 looming around the corner, the rumor mill is at full throttle on all things iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Now, Apple’s upcoming pro-level flagship phones are tipped to have some issues in the camera department.

According to LeaksApplePro on Twitter, a source claims to have had some “hands-on” time with both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The leaker states the Pro models come packed with an upgraded 48MP main camera sensor, a rumor that’s been flying around since earlier this year. However, the upgrade may have some faults when it comes to Night Mode.

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The source points out that there’s some “optimization to do regarding night mode,” and that it’s “worse than the 13 Pro in that field.” Apparently, when taking pictures, there is a substantial amount of noise. While the 48MP shooter should be a massive resolution jump over the 12MP of the iPhone 13 Pro, it doesn’t necessarily mean a big upgrade.

The camera upgrade could result in an up to 35% increase in the sensor size and a 10% increase in the lens diameter, and it’s warmly welcomed. However, this would be the first jump in megapixels since the iPhone 6s, meaning Apple may have software issues to sort out.

Compared to Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 sporting a 50MP wide lens, cameras on iPhones have offered excellent performance with their 12MP lenses. This comes down to software, so the Cupertino tech giant may need some time to work out the kinks.

What’s more, the source also claims the iPhone 14 Pro models’ camera systems are massive. “Good luck if you have a MagSafe Duo. It’ll probably work but look horrible. Especially if you plan on using a case.” That’s hardly to do with how the cameras work, but something to keep in mind.

While the source states they are worried about low-light photos, they are “sure Apple can work on that before launch.”

As always, we can’t know for certain if these claims are accurate, as Apple has yet to even officially announce the iPhone 14. This isn’t the first we’ve heard about camera issues, as Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously claimed that the camera lenses on the iPhone 14 had “coating-crack quality issues.” However, this won’t impact the iPhone 14 launch supply.

Improved battery life?

The source also has a brief rundown of other iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max features. This includes upgraded battery life “by a couple of hours.” We’ve heard of the next flagship model’s battery life seeing improvements, but haven’t seen by how much. That said, LeaksApplePro states the source isn’t “100%” sure about the jump in battery life.

iPhone 14 renders via Front Page Tech / Jon Prosser (Image credit: Front Page Tech / Jon Prosser)

Other features of note include improved speakers with more base and clearer audio, the display quality looking the same as the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, and the “hole + pill” design apparently “looks weird.” The source continues by stating it doesn’t do anything new and forgot it was there after a few minutes.

We’re interested to see how the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max stand out from previous generations, as there appears to be a number of changes according to recent leaks and rumors. This includes a storage increase, a new A16 Bionic, and an always-on display. However, with all the upgrades, we may see a price increase.

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