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Install paths, limit golf to long weekends | Letter to the editor

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Install paths, limit golf to long weekends |  Letter to the editor

I am sad to see that local fans of the Port Townsend golf course choose to promote the idea that only a golf course = green space.

They imply that those of us who want access to the property are opposed to green space. This is false.

My objection to this golf course on city-owned property is that it offers no access for non-golfers. The rest of us are trespassers if we set foot off the driveway and parking lot.

How many Port Townsend residents and visitors play golf here?

What if the property was open to everyone daily before 10 pm and all day Tuesday through Thursday? With golf on four-day weekends?

Additional paths could be defined for general use if the greens need to be off-limits to protect the grass. This would not be difficult.

It would enhance the facility for everyone if accessible boardwalks were constructed along the prairie and at the pond. Designed properly, these would protect the pond wildlife, add an excellent place for recreational and bird watching. Again not difficult.

If there are Port Townsend area residents who want to play golf here, shared use could be a pretty decent compromise.

And about that green space: Yes, grass is green. But we all know that closely mowed grass offers little sustenance or variety for wildlife. The pond and the thickets offer some decent wildlife habitat, but it should be so much better. Even a golf course managed without toxic chemicals is not a rich wildlife habitat. The most environmentally friendly golf courses improve the thickets for wildlife by planting more varied plants (biodiversity!), controlling invasive plants, etc. That doesn’t happen here.

With increased access and use, the property might find more volunteer donors and helpers for projects.

It would be fabulous to have more people enjoying the property and more customers for the cafe!

Sandra Stowell

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