‘I’m not feeling 100 percent healthy’

Mets Trevor May throwing front facing road jerseys against Cardinals

Mets Trevor May throwing front facing road jerseys against Cardinals

Mets reliever Trevor May has not had the best start to his season, but it seems he’s been dealing with a nagging injury that will force him to undergo an MRI.

Following the Mets ’5-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, May told reporters that he’s been pitching through an injury, which could be attributed to his less-than-stellar 2022 campaign.

“I’m not feeling 100 percent healthy. Trying to work through some stuff. Not really battling through it,” May said. “It’s hard to compete when you’re just worried if something is going to hurt when you throw, to the point where I’m not very comfortable throwing my best pitches and taking too much time in between pitches to reset and try to get a little bit of energy to throw another one [of my outing] I was hoping that the ball was hit by someone. That’s no way to throw in a major league game. “

Down 3-2 in the eighth, May was called upon to keep the game close. However, the 32-year-old would give up two runs in an inning of work ballooning his ERA to 8.64.

“I don’t deserve it but my teammates definitely don’t deserve that. You have to keep the team in the game and it got away from us there,” May continued. “That’s as frustrating as anything in my life right now … It feels like I’m throwing at 80 percent most of the time.”

May confirmed that he’ll get an MRI on Tuesday to take a look at his right triceps, a problem that he’s had earlier this season. While he doesn’t know if he’ll end up on the IL, he avoided it the first time he had his arm looked at, the right hander is just looking for answers.

Back in 2016, as a member of the Minnesota Twins, May suffered a stress fracture in his back that saw him miss significant time. May is hoping this is simply a muscular issue, but reiterated that he just wants to know what it is going on.

“I’ll do anything to get back to feeling like me … I need to know what to do to feel good again … I just want to go out there and go after guys. That’s all I want.”

The Mets will play a doubleheader Tuesday against the Braves.

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