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How to keep your new tech gifts secure once they’re unwrapped

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tech gifts are on many lists this holiday season, and after unwrapping the gifts, security needs to be top of mind.

You have to be careful because not all companies are upfront when it comes to disclosures about privacy.

Many of the popular gifts this holiday season require a WiFi connection.

According to a new report from Mozilla, some companies are intentionally confusing and misleading in their privacy disclosures.

Here’s a list of the top 10 gadgets Mozilla flagged as having privacy issues:

  • Meta Quest Pro

  • Steam Deck

  • Google Pixel Watch

  • Amazon Fire HD Tablets

  • Ray-Ban Stories

  • Ring Security Cams

  • Amazon Echo Show

  • Verizon GizmoWatch

  • Eufy Security Cams

  • Nintendo Switch

Facebook, Google, and Amazon have several products at the top of the list.

Among them are the Meta Quest Pro, Google Pixel Watch, Amazon Ring Security Cameras and Nintendo Switch.

The biggest risk with these is how closely they monitor consumer habits.

They track which TV shows you like, when you turn your lights on and off, your location, your IP address, the names and phone numbers of people in your contact lists, and more.

The information is mostly used for targeted ads based on your interests and habits.

But it can also be shared with any number of third-party companies.

So how can you keep your data safe and private?

First, check your privacy settings to make sure you’re only sharing what you’re comfortable sharing with your apps.

Another good idea: turn on auto-updates. While they can be a nuisance, they’re important to keep your device safe from hackers.

And consider using a VPN. Many apps on phones and other devices do not implement encryption properly, leaving the data vulnerable to hackers.

Using a VPN encrypts your connection and conceals your IP address.

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