Here’s what Manny Ramirez would tell Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts about free agency

Here’s what Manny Ramirez would tell Devers, Bogaerts about free agency originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Manny Ramirez returned to Fenway Park on Monday to receive his Red Sox Hall of Fame plaque and throw out the first pitch.

Reflecting on his time in Boston, Ramirez offered some advice to Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts: stay with the Red Sox, even if it means taking less money.

Ramirez, who was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008 ahead of the trade deadline and signed a two-year, $ 45 million deal with LA, said he wished he had finished his career with the Red Sox.

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“I was on top of the game,” Ramirez said, via The Athletic. “I was making so much money. But now, I understand that money doesn’t make you happy.”

He advised Devers and Bogaerts to learn from his mistake and consider all of the factors when signing a contract.

“Their careers are short,” Ramirez commented. “All you’ve got to think: How much money do you really need to be happy? Where do you want to be?”

In the NESN broadcast booth during Monday’s game, Ramirez stressed the importance of location when signing a deal with a team.

“It makes you better,” Ramirez said of playing in Boston. “Because you’ve got to be ready. Because they’ll let you know. They’ll let you know when you’re not right. To be honest with you, when I was with Cleveland, I was playing and I was a good player “But when I came to Boston. I got better because the fans, they’ll let you know that you weren’t playing right. They will push you.”

Ramirez complimented Boston fans and their ability to help memorialize Red Sox players.

“It doesn’t matter how bad you do, they always remember you, they always support you,” Ramirez said.

If Devers and Bogaerts want to build a strong legacy, they should listen to Ramirez’s advice and stay in Boston.

According to Ramirez, Devers is already on track to join the list of Red Sox legends, but it may depend on whether he stays in Boston.

“(Rafael Devers) reminds me of David Ortiz,” Ramirez said during the game while in the WEEI broadcast booth. “He can hit the ball all over the place with power.”

Devers still has one more season before entering free agency, while Bogaerts can opt out of his contract as early as this offseason.

Hopefully, for Red Sox fans, these two players heed Ramirez’s advice.

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