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First Forspoken PS5 vs PC RTX 4080 Comparison Highlights Load Times, Visual Fidelity and Performance

The first Forspoken PS5 vs PC comparison video has been released, comparing the game running on PlayStation 5 to it running on PC with an NVIDIA RTX 4080.

Yesterday, we already released our own PC benchmark test of Forspoken, showing that the game runs decently enough. In addition, this test showed that Square Enix’s latest title looks best on PC. “However, load times are ultimately far less important than optimization”, our very own Alessio Palumbo wrote in his article. “The benchmark test suggests that Forspoken PC won’t be nearly as problematic to run as originally feared. Having played the game on PS5, it’s also safe to say it looks far better on PC in every regard.”

Fast forward one day and we now have a direct PlayStation 5 vs PC comparison video, courtesy of ‘ElAnalistaDeBits’. Granted, this new comparison isn’t entirely in line with our own benchmarks, especially when it comes to loading times, but this could be due to a difference in NVMe SSD or other hardware differences, as every PC configuration is its own thing. Also, these might be edge cases. Check out the comparison video down below:

– Forspoken features 3 graphics modes on PS5: Quality, Ray-Tracing and Performance.

– Quality mode features better textures, draw distance and higher resolution (1728p on average).

– Ray-Tracing mode decreases resolution (1512p on average), texture quality and draw distance to present better shadows on some elements, but not on reflections or overall lighting.

– Performance mode has the same cuts in textures and draw distance as Ray-Tracing mode, as well as limiting its resolution to 1440p dynamic with temporal reconstruction. Despite the visual sacrifices, it does not maintain a stable 60fps.

– Forspoken supports 120Hz, however, this mode limits the maximum resolution to 1440p in all display modes. Ray-Tracing and Quality modes reach 40fps at 120hz, while Performance mode remains at 60fps.

– As for the PC version, the graphics settings are very similar to the PS5 Quality mode, improving the drawing distance and shadows by RT.

– Despite not having detected bugs or experiencing crashes on PC, it is a poorly optimized version. We barely achieved an average of 40fps using the equipment mentioned above, forcing us to use DLSS or FSR to get an acceptable framerate.

– Load times are very fast on both platforms, slightly faster on PC.

Forspoken is available globally now for PC and PlayStation 5 with a free demo being available for both platforms as well.

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