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Deel’s new HR platform simplifies tech tools for global businesses

Deel’s new HR platform simplifies tech tools for global businesses

As more employers look to expand their remote workforce and seek talent abroad, they won’t just be contending with the challenges of collaboration across time zones. The economic, legal and cultural differences that exist within a global workforce can overload HR, disrupt productivity and leave a disconnect among employees.

Seeing the need for a better way to manage these issues, Deel, a company that provides hiring and payments services for companies recruiting international employees and contractors, has created an all-inclusive platform that takes the work out of running a global business.

Deel has had an international presence since it was founded in 2018 and now offers HR support to nearly 15,000 businesses in 150 countries, including Nike, DropBox and Shopify. Witnessing the onslaught of technology needed to properly run things on a global scale — most teams use up to 16 different tools for international team management alone — Deel designed their HR platform to be used easily by any size team, regardless of where they may be.

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“No one has solved the global HR problem, which is how to be able to grow, hire, manage and enable your workforce globally, and to do it compliantly,” says Pearce Dolan, head of product at Deel. “That’s our strength, and why Deel has moved from primarily focusing on hiring compliance to now becoming a full stack global HR [platform].”

Easing the HR burdens that come with running any business, let alone those with employees outside of the US, is critical at a time when budgets and well-being are top of mind. On-boarding is a crucial area for employers to consolidate technology, especially when hiring a mixed population of contractors and full-time hires. The Deel HR platform streamlines this process by utilizing Google Suite.

“Right now, it’s quite common for companies that have members in multiple countries to have a complex web of tools and functions and vendors for the team to be able to work, and it’s difficult to have a standardized quality and experience throughout.” says Dolan. “With Deel, you can have a single view of your workforce with one tool.”

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The platform features HR reports, organization charts and a people directory, all in one place. Employers can also track, approve and analyze time off and expenses, regardless of an employee’s location. Based on local laws specific to countries and workers, customized contracts, benefits and holidays are also included in an employee’s profile.

Currently, the platform is free for companies with fewer than 200 employees, potentially saving organizations at least $20,000 on a tech stack they would need to build independently.

“We’ve got so many people around the world in the startup industry who are struggling with tools that are too complicated or too expensive,” Dolan says. “This is going to be a huge enabler globally.”

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In addition to the new HR platform, Deel is also introducing US Payroll, an expansion of their global payroll, as well as Deel Engage, a set of HR Slack and Microsoft teams plugins. Designed to help round out collaboration and build workplace relationships between employees who work far apart, Deel Engage allows managers to stay organized and maintain connections that can help solidify a strong company culture. This, Dolan says, is important at Deel and is therefore built into its products.

“Culture is something that’s hard to build, takes a long time to build, and can easily be lost,” he says. “It is important to have the right tools and the right ethos, and a combination of both can develop over time. Deel is built in a way that considers this, for sure.”


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