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Chubbies Gets Mobile with the All-New Movementum Collection

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There’s a fine line between workout-ready apparel and garb best suited for lounging the weekend away, right? Well, more than ever, brands are trying to bridge that gap with tasty options that fit comfortably while still offering some performance benefits, whether stacked under a loaded barbell or pressed up against a bar top full of beverages.

One brand that’s staked its claim in the leisurewear battlefield is Chubbies. Known for thigh-high inseams and vibrant prints, this California-based company has always had its eyes on the weekend, and with fall rolling around, it “seems” the perfect time to drop a lineup that’s right at home both on and off the on the gridiron The Movementum Collection is Chubbies’ latest drive into athleisure, boasting tasteful silhouettes that are built for both sport and lounge.

“The Movementum Collection is for the customer who likes to look good and stay comfortable,” says Chubbies co-founder and president, Rainer Castillo. “As people embrace flexible schedules and hybrid work environments, this collection will take our customers from the workday, to the weekend and everywhere in-between.”


What to Expect from this Performance-Driven Lineup

According to Chubbies, the all-new Movementum Collection features four silhouettes, providing customers the ability to mix and match their weekend wardrobes to create a personalized aesthetic. The stable includes a quarter-zip, hoodie, joggers and shorts that utilize a new lightweight, soft-brushed, poly-Spandex blend built to wick away moisture and breathe easily, whether taking in the next play call or armchair quarterbacking your way through a series.

man on a basketball court


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While the new fabric blend offers up a fresh vibe to the Chubbies lineup, the Movementum Collection still contains that ever-popular four-way stretch synonymous with the brand’s apparel, providing an extra layer of comfort and increased range of motion. So, this kit can be a great pick for drawing up backyard Hail Marys or just crushing Bloody Marys — whichever the day calls for.

Where to Get the Chubbies Movementum Collection

Starting today, the Chubbies Movementum Collection is available online and in select colorways in-store, ranging from $50–$80. This price range falls in-line with other Chubbies offerings, so it doesn’t seem too farfetched, especially if you want to beef up your primetime look this upcoming weekend.

Not every game day is going to call for an athletic showing, but if you get called out to run a red seven from the post, it helps to have on some apparel ready for the challenge.

Chubbies Movement Shorts


Chubbies Movement Joggers


Chubbies Movementum Hoodie


Chubbies Movementum Quarter-Zip


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