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Blockchain Tech Company GoldenArk CEO Mitch Ngo Enters Film Industry – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Blockchain tech company GoldenArk via its subsidiary GoldenArk Media, and independent film start-up Cherry Blossom Studios enter into a $10M partnership deal.

Hammer Management brought the two parties together, spending the last two months structuring the terms between Mitch Ngo (of GoldenArk) and Kareem “Gorilla” Davis (of Cherry Blossom Studios).

The investment will be directed towards long and short form content, with an emphasis on transformative visual experiences and top tier performances. Protected is the first slated picture to be produced by Cherry Blossom Studios under the Imperium Features banner. With a script from Emilie Serrano, the film will be directed by Davis as the first of five films slated for the new venture. MWD productions will serve as executive producer of the project along with The Big Picture Collective founded by Cut Throat City producer William Clevinger, representing Imperium Features’ films in the global marketplace.

Cherry Blossom Studios, founded by Kareem “Gorilla” Davis in 2021, is a young studio which has already quietly and prolifically impacted the Los Angeles film industry. Davis is a creator and businessman turned studio executive, and full time director, cinematographer and writer. Davis intends to use Cherry Blossom Studios as a medium to create premium content covering topics which most big studios shy away from, all while inspiring other marginalized groups, and all people with dreams, to pursue their passions relentlessly. Kareem “Gorilla” Davis does not fear the realism of story telling, and wishes to use his life experience to accurately depict his stories in visually inventive mediums.

Mitch Ngo, who is a Vietnamese native well known in the blockchain market is utilizing his extensive liquid capital to push his vision to the forefront of international media. He built a conglomerate known as GoldenArk which specializes in blockchain technology and retail sales, broadening into the Metaverse with their idealistic vision. The GoldenArk Metaverse plans to revolutionize the experience, as their technology features an Arkthenticate feature which will be the leader in transparency, compliance, and anti counterfeiting. This pairs with industry disrupters, Cherry Blossom Studios.

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