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Black Friday’s best RTX 3060 deals: GPUs, laptops, & more

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Whether it’s Friday or not, Black Friday is in full swing. The deals are out there now, and if you’re a PC gamer or someone thinking about building a new computer then you’re most likely curious about deals on graphics cards. They are one of the most expensive components for a PC, and in recent years the prices have skyrocketed due to things like cryptocurrency mining and such.

This is the first Black Friday in a while where not only have the prices normalized but you can actually find some amazing deals. With the introduction of Nvidia’s 40xx series of GPUs, the 30xx cards are seeing even better prices than normal. The RTX 3060 in particular is fantastic value for those of you that want to game at high settings but don’t want to take out a second mortgage or sell your car to afford it.

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