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Bears’ Ryan Poles says it’s ‘a little weird’ to celebrate No. 1 pick

Poles say it’s ‘a little weird’ to celebrate No. 1 pick originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Ryan Poles downplayed the idea of ​​receiving the No. 1 pick, after not having control of it the entire regular season and ending up with it on a whim because of the Houston Texans’ win over the Indianapolis Colts during the last week of the season.

“So I went into the locker room and [I swear] on my kids’ lives, my only thought process at the time was to just show appreciation for guys who fought through a really tough year,” Poles said to NBC’s Peter King. “I talked to all of them. Then someone pulls me aside and says, ‘Hey, Houston won. We got the first overall pick.’ I wasn’t even there in the mental space to think about it yet.

“Then, that night, getting in the driveway at home, my neighbor drives by and yells out, ‘Hey man, congratulations on the first pick!’ And I was like, a little weird to celebrate this.”

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Don’t worry, Bears fans will do the celebrating for you, Ryan.

The Bears ended up with the No. 1 pick in historic fashion, losing, as expected, to the NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings after Week 18. While players sat in the locker room and fans hung back at Soldier Field to watch, the Texans shockingly defeated the Colts.

With 4th & 20 (yes, 4th & 20!) David Mills completed a 28-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Akins with under a minute to play in regulation. Then, Lovie Smith demanded the Texans try for the two-point conversion, and they got it, as Mills went back to Akins on the two-yard line.

The Colts got off seven plays in survival mode, but it wasn’t enough. The Texans added a third win to their record, and their tie against the Colts from Week 1 allowed the Bears to have a worse record by a hair.

Now, Poles have all the confidence in the world. He ascertains he’s receiving interest in the picks, claiming he’s received calls from three different teams.

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And while he downplayed the situation at first, he mentioned it Pardon My Take he had a “holy crap” moment when he watched how the Texans defeated the Colts during the last regular season game of the season.

A historical blunder by the Texans and a serendipitous moment for the Bears’ franchise. Late April awaits.

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